Headbands and Homosexuality

Don’t worry. Not this kind of headband…

This week we’ve got a cool story about a headband, a controversial take on a still-controversial topic, and America’s most-searched verse.

The NFL tried to fine the Saints’ Demario Davis for his ‘Man of God’ headband. What happened next could easily be called a God thing.

Homosexuality isn’t really a thing. And neither is heterosexuality. This article isn’t at all controversial.

I love YouVersion. The fact that this best-of-them-all Bible app is a ministry of a single church (granted a really, really large church) is just icing. Every December they release the most-searched verse for the year. In some ways I think this year’s winner says more about what’s wrong with Christianity in America than what’s right, though you may choose a more positive spin.

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