Take a Deep Breath

Mental health can be challenging, but the Bible has suggestions.

21 Days of Prayer

Our annual series looks at the most important part of prayer, the right way to pray, and why God doesn’t answer prayer.

The Path

Some people say there are many paths to God. Why do we say Jesus is the best, even the only path?

But First

There are things we need to take care of to be ready for the next big obstacle or opportunity.


Getting the new year off to a great start.

Pivot Principles

Some concepts aren’t just important, they’re crucial.

Family Foundations

Family Series 2022

Four Weeks in the Word 2022

Learning from the book of Philippians

I Really Don’t Want to Talk About This

There are some topics that are difficult to talk about, but necessary, nonetheless.

What I Learned on My Summer Sabbatical

Four lessons from four countries


Celebrating Easter 2022


Maybe we should be looking at things from a different angle.

21 Days of Prayer 2022

Learning (or re-learning) how to pray.


Becoming the Person God Created You to Be


The life and death … and life of Lazarus

Life in the Castle

Once a year, we talk about sex and its impact on our lives.


Sharing your faith without losing your friends.

The Bible’s Best Buts

I finally got around to doing a series on my favorite word in the Bible.


What does it mean when we say something is true? And does our faith stand up to that test?


Taking off our masks to help us move from discouragement to a peace that impacts our lives and changes the way we live.

Who We Are: Our 15th Anniversary Series

If you want to really understand our church, this is where to start.

Photo courtesy Allison Banks & Aim True Photography


The last days of Jesus’ ministry can lead us to ask some challenging questions.

Words of Faith

In Christianity, words matter. And some words matter a lot.


Success is possible–but not always easy.


We can learn a lot about ourselves watching how others respond to a baby.


People have a lot of reasons for rejecting Christianity. Some of them make sense.

Family Series (2020)

Every year we spend a few weeks talking about marriage, raising children, and, of course, sex.

Four Weeks in the Word

Learning how to read the Bible for ourselves as we go through the Life of the Apostle Paul.

Download your reading plan here.


We don’t get bonus points for stupidity.


In difficult times, one of the best things we can do is throw a party!

Faith and George Floyd

What is the Christian response to matters of race and injustice?

Asking for a Friend

Some questions we don’t want to ask, especially when we’re talking about guilt and trying to find happiness in unhappy circumstances.

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