My name is Steve Davis. As you’ll see on this page, I like to teach. This site is loaded with my teaching on everything from marriage and intimacy to Biblical prophecy. If you look around long enough, you may find a sermon on how the church should address LGBTQ individuals, a series on racism, and a book on military families. There’s also a daily, one-minute devotional I call the Jumpstart and a few other tidbits.

So poke around, subscribe to the podcast, and learn a few things about how to let your faith and Bible knowledge impact your world in meaningful ways. (Also feel free to check out the church I pastor. I like it a lot.)

4 Weeks in the Word 2022

The Jumpstart

The spiritual equivalent of that first cup of coffee…

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This Week’s Sermon

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This Series

Sermon Series Archive

It started my back deck, during the Covid lockdown. Not knowing what else to do, I strapped my phone to my deck and started recording a Bible study on Facebook Live. We focused on digging deep enough to try to hear what the original hearers heard and how they applied the Bible in their world so we could better live it in ours.

Things have changed a little. I record in my studio, not my back deck, and it only comes out sporadically. (I’m working on my PhD while pastoring, so time is scarce.).

But the studies still investigate the Bible from that same fresh perspective. Not content with surface discussion or simply rephrasing what cultural Christianity says, we dig deep and strive to apply what we learned.

That’s what the Back Deck Bible Study is all about.

(Here’s a direct link to the study on Revelation.)

Back Deck Bible Study Podcast

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Episode 63: Nahum Back Deck Bible Study

Even the Minor Prophets have a little brother, though this one is pretty cool. 
  1. Episode 63: Nahum
  2. Episode 62: Micah
  3. Episode 61: Obadiah
  4. Episode 60: Joel
  5. Episode 59: Hosea

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And occasionally I get the urge to write a book.