This Week’s Sermon

Here are the additional resources I mentioned during the message.

Sermon Podcast

Live from my back deck, we investigate the Bible from a fresh perspective. Not content with surface discussion or simply rephrasing what cultural Christianity says, we dig deep, looking to discover what the original listeners heard. And not so we can gather information. We want to understand how they applied the Bible in their world so we can better live it in ours.

Back Deck Bible Study Podcast

Revelation 10 — The Small Scroll and God's Call Back Deck Bible Study

The tiniest thing in this big chapter can have the greatest impact on our lives.
  1. Revelation 10 — The Small Scroll and God's Call
  2. Revelation 9 — The Entrance of Evil
  3. Revelation 8 — The Trumpet Judgments
  4. Revelation 7 — Who Can Stand?
  5. Revelation 6 — Judgment Begins

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This Week’s Study

The podcast is the audio version of weekly lesson broadcast on Facebook Live (Monday’s, 11:30), then transferred to YouTube when I get around to it. For now the study is way ahead of the recently instituted podcast.


Sermons by Series

Spout Springs YouTube Site An extensive archive of past messages.


Some articles that I like, some that I wrote, all to make you think.


And occasionally I get the urge to write a book.