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The spiritual equivalent of that first cup of coffee…

The Spiritual Growth Cycle

Spiritual Development Resources for the New Year

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Goals Series

Complete Disbelief Series

Live from my back deck, we investigate the Bible from a fresh perspective. Not content with surface discussion or simply rephrasing what cultural Christianity says, we dig deep, looking to discover what the original listeners heard. And not so we can gather information. We want to understand how they applied the Bible in their world so we can better live it in ours.

On the Podcast, we’re about halfway through the book of Revelation, while on the Facebook Live/Video front we’ll be starting a new series on the Book of Acts Monday, January 18.

Back Deck Bible Study Podcast

Revelation 17 Back Deck Bible Study

With the Unholy Hooker and beasts and all kinds of cool stuff (including reasons Jesus is definitely coming back in the 1980's), this study of Revelation 17  has some great material. 
  1. Revelation 17
  2. Revelation 17-22, The Big Picture
  3. Revelation 16
  4. Revelation 15
  5. Revelation 14

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This Week’s Study

The podcast is the audio version of weekly lesson broadcast on Facebook Live (Monday’s, 11:30), then transferred to YouTube when I get around to it. For now the study is way ahead of the recently instituted podcast.


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Spout Springs YouTube Site An extensive archive of past messages.


Some articles that I like, some that I wrote, all to make you think.


And occasionally I get the urge to write a book.