Growing faith. Growing families. Growing godly habits. I write books to help people grow.

A one-year plan to help you understand the Bible better, develop strong habits, and develop your faith.

Family is hard. Military family takes it to another level. This book breaks down how to build a great family in a not-so-great situation.

What are the foundational principles of Christianity, and how do I grow into a faith that isn’t just a copy of someone else.

Reading the entire Bible in the year can be a daunting task. This book aims to take some daunt out of it.


Evolving: My Journey to Reconcile Science and Faith. A little dated by now, but not a bad introduction to the wide range of Biblical views on creation.

Transform(180). The first book I ever published. This is compilation from a daily devotional email I used to send out. With 180 daily readings, this can get you through half a year. These devotions were the foundation of the Jumpstart.

God’s Big Story Online Update

To find the proper video corresponding to each day’s reading, be sure to put parentheses around the day and week. Without the parenthesis, searching for 1-3 will pull up 1-3, 11-3, 21-3, etc. Typing (1-3) will only get Week 1, Day 3. I didn’t realize this until after the first print run. Sorry for any inconvenience.