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Articles, book reviews, heck, I may even write a traditional blog post occasionally if the mood hits.

Three Questions to Ask of Any Conspiracy Theory

My wife and I recently began watching a show called Good Girls. Three suburban women, struggling with extreme personal and financial pressures, rob a grocery store. Complications ensue and before long they are laundering money, smuggling prescription meds—and occasionally re-robbing that grocery store. The show is well acted and an interesting watch, at least for … Continue reading Three Questions to Ask of Any Conspiracy Theory

40 Questions About Islam

How could I go over fifty years being this unaware of something so important? I never really thought that much about Islam the religion and never even considered how little I knew about the world’s second-most popular religion. And then I received my review copy of 40 Questions about Islam, and I must admit I’ve … Continue reading 40 Questions About Islam

SSC Path Forward

With Governor Cooper’s 3-phase reopening plan, we can begin to strategize toward our path to whatever the new normal will look like. Here are the NC Phases, along with a framework for what that could (emphasis on could) look like for Spout Springs Church. For now, we will stay with multiple online services each weekend … Continue reading SSC Path Forward

Ed Stetzer: "This Is Our Moment"

This is our moment! And here’s an article that gives a more subdued version if you’d prefer reading to watching (Though you should watch the first five minutes of the video at least.)

SSC Coronavirus Update

Here are some points from the video: For over a year, our church has been in transition, moving from a church concerned with how large we could become to how large an impact we can have. The transition is embodied in three phrases. Helping you become the person God created you to be so you … Continue reading SSC Coronavirus Update

‘Doubting’ Thomas Just Had Questions … Just Like You

By Amanda Hurd I think its fair to say that most people in Christian communities have heard about the disciple Thomas. You know, the guy who wouldn’t believe his friends when they told him Jesus rose from the dead. And consequentially got named “Doubting Thomas” by all the grace filled Christians that came after him. … Continue reading ‘Doubting’ Thomas Just Had Questions … Just Like You

Words Matter

Here are the notes in case you want to follow along. “I Have a Dream” As I mentioned in my sermon, Martin Luther King’s most famous speech can be divided into two sections. If you watch the video below, up until the 10:45 mark or so, you can see him frequently looking down at his … Continue reading Words Matter

Born-Again Makes a Comeback

With all the controversy over the term “evangelical” and the way our church attracts people from every direction, I’ve been wondering how we can best describe ourselves. Who knew a trip back to the 70’s might provide the answer. Study: ‘Born Again’ Isn’t Just for Evangelicals Anymore A new study has found that “born again” … Continue reading Born-Again Makes a Comeback

Christianity for People Who Aren’t Christians, a Brief Review

For years I’ve wished there was a book I could give to the “God-curious” people in my life, but there just wasn’t anything. Either the book was written by someone who apparently hadn’t met a non-Christian since the first Bush administration, or the writer assumed that their specific brand of Christianity was the only viable … Continue reading Christianity for People Who Aren’t Christians, a Brief Review

Christianity Is Good for You

We say living God’s standards is the best option, but is there evidence to back that up? Yep. Here’s some solid evidence you can use in discussions (or for helping affirm your own faith). One disclaimer. This is a heavy article. They are reporting on their own study, “Does Religious Affiliation Protect People’s Well-Being? Evidence … Continue reading Christianity Is Good for You

Songs Are Getting Sadder. Why?

This article is a cheat, since we’re technically finishing our 21 Days of Prayer, but if you’re looking for something to pray about for our culture, this could definitely make your list. Honestly, I think the author misses the boat on why the songs are getting more negative. (Not sure if she’s been on Twitter … Continue reading Songs Are Getting Sadder. Why?

Improving Your Prayer Life

How about some good, practical tips to being more fulfilled in your time with God? Ten Tips to Help Your Prayer Life Greg Koukl For a few hardy prayer warriors, talking with God is as easy as breathing; it happens almost effortlessly. When you ask them how they do it, they simply shrug and reply, … Continue reading Improving Your Prayer Life