Three Questions to Ask of Any Conspiracy Theory

My wife and I recently began watching a show called Good Girls. Three suburban women, struggling with extreme personal and financial pressures, rob a grocery store. Complications ensue and before long they are laundering money, smuggling prescription meds—and occasionally re-robbing that grocery store. The show is well acted and an interesting watch, at least forContinue reading “Three Questions to Ask of Any Conspiracy Theory”

40 Questions About Islam

How could I go over fifty years being this unaware of something so important? I never really thought that much about Islam the religion and never even considered how little I knew about the world’s second-most popular religion. And then I received my review copy of 40 Questions about Islam, and I must admit I’veContinue reading “40 Questions About Islam”

Different Perspectives One Truth?

Five suggestions for filtering out truth in a world of mixed messages. Saturday I read an article about Sweden’s response to the coronavirus from one of the news sources I trust, one which leans right politically. When I finished it, my Google News Feed suggested another article on Sweden from another of my more trustedContinue reading “Different Perspectives One Truth?”

How Pastors Are Thinking About Reopening

How and when should churches reopen as the Corona restrictions are eased? It’s one of the most challenging decisions church leaders have been confronted with in recent memory. Here are six views from six pastors in six very different contexts. About two weeks ago, a small-town pastor in Montana noticed that the governor of IdahoContinue reading “How Pastors Are Thinking About Reopening”

A Challenging Article on Government Checks

What should a Christian who is not suffering from the economic effects of the Coronavirus slowdown do with their check? This article will make you think. Here’s a tease from the article by Matthew Soerens in Relevant Magazine: It’s very natural in times like these to think about how to protect and benefit ourselves andContinue reading “A Challenging Article on Government Checks”

Khmer Music and Overwhelming Trials

I hope you don’t mind if I post a few articles that aren’t about Covid-19. Way More than You Can Bear A common myth in Christianity is that God will never place more on you than you can handle. I don’t know of anything further from the truth, as this author points out. Recently, IContinue reading “Khmer Music and Overwhelming Trials”

Church, Common Sense, and COVID-19

Once or twice a year here in central North Carolina, there’s is a snow panic. Forecasts call for the potential of 1-5 inches (which is a big deal here). Our population immediately seems to fall into one of two camps. One group laughs, scoffs, and yells, “Bring it on.” The other immediately blockades themselves inContinue reading “Church, Common Sense, and COVID-19”