Wisdom, Not Will Power

Due to some sound issues, the sermon video starts about a couple minutes in. Good news, the first minute or so was primarily me talking about the limitations of will power and asking “Is the mic working yet?”

If you want to follow along with the notes, they are here. However, I make a few points before I get to the fill-in notes.

All humans have two natures, the Image of God and Fallenness.

Image of God: Live God’s principles

Fallenness: Live opposed to God’s principles

The Image of God is our truest self but our fallenness is our default setting.

And here are the stats for the poll I mentioned:

Center for Biblical Engagement Poll
Biblical Engagement 4x per week
30% less likely to feel lonely
30% less likely to have anger issues
40% less likely to harbor bitterness
60% less likely to feel spiritually stagnant

Speaking of angels on your shoulder, here’s a video David Cooke sent me. I laughed.

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