Prayers for Tim and Colleen Johnson

This should be simple. Just comment on this page with your prayer requests and updates. I may occasionally ask for updates or even share a request of my own. Just be sure to click the “Notify me of new comments” box.

5 thoughts on “TimJ6559

  1. Thanks for this opportunity. An issue that we have concerns with is not seeing signs of spiritual growth in our youngest son Zach. He and our daughter in law have been very busy with work and schooling and it seems over the past several years their schedules have not allowed for them to connect very strongly with their church. They just moved to SC and because of Covid have not really been able to engage there either. We think there is a desire to become more involved with a church, (or maybe they realize our concern and are trying to reassure us) but with a pandemic, it is not the best time for it. We are praying for them to develop relationships with Christian friends and grow together spiritually.


    1. So I did a reply a couple of days ago and I guess I did it wrong because I don’t think it showed up for you to see. but do I have to put my name and email in every time I reply?


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