Prayers for Tim and Colleen Johnson

This should be simple. Just comment on this page with your prayer requests and updates. I may occasionally ask for updates or even share a request of my own. Just be sure to click the “Notify me of new comments” box.

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity. An issue that we have concerns with is not seeing signs of spiritual growth in our youngest son Zach. He and our daughter in law have been very busy with work and schooling and it seems over the past several years their schedules have not allowed for them to connect very strongly with their church. They just moved to SC and because of Covid have not really been able to engage there either. We think there is a desire to become more involved with a church, (or maybe they realize our concern and are trying to reassure us) but with a pandemic, it is not the best time for it. We are praying for them to develop relationships with Christian friends and grow together spiritually.


    1. So I did a reply a couple of days ago and I guess I did it wrong because I don’t think it showed up for you to see. but do I have to put my name and email in every time I reply?


  2. Continuing to pray for Zach. Anything else? (I guess Sue is not doing well at all, in case you hadn’t heard.)


  3. Thank you for your prayers, Zach and Caitlyn have been trying out another church, (online) and are planning to start attending in person soon, they also put our grandson Owen into a Christian daycare, which is great. Zach was asked if he wanted to apply for a job opening where he is currently interning and after four interviews he got the job and will start in May after he finishes school and takes his boards. They have put down a deposit on a house being built and it looks like they are settling into living in Bluffton, SC. We have heard about Sue and wish that there was more that we could do for her. Colleen has done a meal for Paul and probably will try to do another one. For the FiveNTwo I am looking at working with a company called Network for Good that should help us with a more focused approach to our fundraising. Looking for wisdom in a decision to pay their fee and get their help.


  4. How’s the process with Network for Good going? Any other/new requests? (Also, looks like we’ve added a few good potential families for the group recently. Praying for a restart/relaunch sometime soon.)


  5. After thinking on it and asking for input from the board, we decided not to utilize Network for Good, we don’t have enough donors to make managing them such an expensive priority. I do have a couple of more requests – first our son Matt and his family are planning a vacation to the Dominican Republic next month, and we think they are taking more risks with Covid then we would, especially since they have not pursued getting vaccinated. So I guess we would like prayer for their protection, and maybe for us to be able to hold our tongues and not tell them we think they are being foolish. Also for the FiveNTwo, our treasurer, Pastor Linda Yow is being moved on to her next parish by the UMC and she has been part of the food pantry for 6 or 7 years and will be difficult to replace, so prayers for recruiting new board members and a new treasurer.


  6. Our kids had a great, (and safe), time in the Dominican Republic last week, thank you for your prayers! And for the Five N Two we are talking to a couple potential board members this week who might be interested in taking on some of the roles that Linda Yow is giving up. We are both concerned about the future for Sue, and Paul, we want to help but are afraid of getting sucked into something beyond our abilities.


  7. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear about the kids. I’ll definitely be praying about the Five N Two decisions, and I totally understand the Sue situation and join you in praying for wisdom.


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