What If I Push All the Buttons?

I’ve given up on the idea of limiting myself to three articles per week, but I promise to mostly keep it to five or below almost always except the times I don’t. So here are this week’s five, which will push almost every button you’ve got.

You’ve heard that smartphones are ubiquitous. You ain’t seen nothing yet. This article’s title should stir a little curiosity. Arrows and smartphones: daily life of Amazon Tembe tribe

I’m a big proponent of taking care of the powerless, or as we sometimes call them, the least. That means I’m really annoying when it comes to immigration. Here’s a good take on what it means to minimize immigration quotas.

Our logic problem of the week, if a man who was born a woman gives birth to a baby, should this person be recorded as the mother or father?

It seems celebrities are coming to Jesus by the limo full. What should we think about these conversions, especially if the alleged convert is known for being a smidge of an attention grabber? Ima let you read this article about a pastor who is discipling one of these celebs.

This last one isn’t an article, but a tweet thread. It’s a former atheist’s story that offers a quick take on why she became an atheist and how to have a positive influence that could potentially move an atheist toward faith. Worth the quick read.

Politics, Mass Marriages, and the Death of Christianity

This week the articles probably aren’t quite as controversial as last week, so I decided to squeeze in a bonus article at no additional charge.

There are a lot of obituaries for Christianity out there right now. Here are two books that say, Not so fast, my friend.

This one will make you think and smile at the same time. Maybe the answer to people living together is simpler than we thought.

I know it’s supposed to be three articles per week, but these two are on the same subject, Politics and faith, and hey, it’s my blog. So, here is one article on the real numbers behind how members of both parties view faith, and a take on how Christians can prepare for the next election.

If you come across a great article you think would be worth sharing, be sure to let me know. And feel free to comment on the ones that are here.