Surviving Social Distancing

There are a lot of challenges to our new, temporary lifestyle. Here are some tools and resources to help you weather the storm, from spiritual-development tools (for kids and adults), to marriage resources, family activities, and even how you can do things that matter. More content going up every day.


Want to help your kids develop spiritually?

This is a great time to invest in your children’s spiritual growth. We’ve got the resources to help.

How about spiritual-development resources for grown-ups?

A daily Bible study, devotions, articles, sermons, even books.

How can I help?

Here are a few suggestions on how you can make a difference.

Would you like someone to pray for you?

Click here to contact a member of our prayer ministry.

Want to keep your family active and healthy?

Running out of ideas on how to keep from killing each other? Or maybe needing a little advice to help your marriage survive the distancing? Here are some ideas.

Have you joined an online Connection Group yet?

Just because you can’t hang out in the same place doesn’t mean you can’t hang out. Almost all of our connection groups are online now, and more are being added.

Want to join a Triad?

Being in a Triad means someone will contact you once or twice a month to ask you three questions:

  • How are you doing in your time with God?
  • How are you doing in serving God?
  • How can I pray for you?

Click here to join a Triad or get more information.