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Asking for a Friend: A six week study on how to move toward mental health.

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Sermons with added bonus content.


Tesla Cybertruck In the sermon I talk about putting down a (small) deposit down on a Cybertruck. In case you’re unfamiliar, here’s a video of Jay Leno getting to drive a prototype.

SSC Living Room Worship March 29

Let’s make Sunday as enjoyable–and worshipful–as possible. Here’s the link to our YouTube page where you’ll find the broadcast. If you’re tired of boring Zoom business meetings, try Zoom Church with your friends. Put the service on the TV and connect with a few people on Zoom or Google Hangouts on another device. Admit it, … Continue reading SSC Living Room Worship March 29


How do we act responsibly toward others in the spiritual aspects of life? Here are the notes if you want to use them to follow along, and here’s the story about David that I used in the message.

Faith in Action

James 2:14-26 14 What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone? 15 Suppose you see a brother or sister who has no food or clothing, 16 and you say, “Good-bye and have a good day; stay warm and … Continue reading Faith in Action

Words Matter

Here are the notes in case you want to follow along. “I Have a Dream” As I mentioned in my sermon, Martin Luther King’s most famous speech can be divided into two sections. If you watch the video below, up until the 10:45 mark or so, you can see him frequently looking down at his … Continue reading Words Matter

Riddle of the Ages

Jessica Kelly continues our study in James (and knocks it out of the park). The notes are here if you want to fill in the blanks as you listen.

Wisdom, Not Will Power

Due to some sound issues, the sermon video starts about a couple minutes in. Good news, the first minute or so was primarily me talking about the limitations of will power and asking “Is the mic working yet?” If you want to follow along with the notes, they are here. However, I make a few … Continue reading Wisdom, Not Will Power

Hurry Up and Listen

We’re back in James to finish up the series, Faith in the Real World. We covered the first half last fall. As to how/why it took half a 13-week series to get to the end of chapter one, well, I may talk about that this next Sunday. Yesterday I started out talking about t-shirts and … Continue reading Hurry Up and Listen

Uncoupling from Culture: Sunday Message Recap

Sunday was a tag-team message with Jessica Kelly as we discussed male and female roles in marriage, comparing cultural expectations, church expectations, and Biblical principles. The teaching guide is available here. Before the message began, I spent about fifteen minutes explaining the position title we’d agreed on for Jessica moving forward. It is a testimony … Continue reading Uncoupling from Culture: Sunday Message Recap

Parenting for Success

Here is the teaching guide if you want to take notes. And yes, this one includes the second time in my life I’ve cussed during a sermon. It’s toward the end. As was the case the first time (about a decade ago), I talked myself into a corner. To say anything less would have drained … Continue reading Parenting for Success

You’re Doing It Wrong

Here are the notes you can follow while you’re listening. And the three primary pics I used: Three things you are probably doing wrong. You’re trying to achieve balance in the midst of chaos. You’re forgetting when and where you are. You’re pretending time is flexible and expandable. The quotes I used: “Action expresses priorities” … Continue reading You’re Doing It Wrong

Kanye and Playing Favorites

I enjoyed preaching/teaching Sunday’s message. The illustration about the child stuck in a room with a shattered mirror came to me during the first service. Love it when God gives me stuff like that in the moment. I will use that one again. Here’s the original outline, though I changed the last point to this: … Continue reading Kanye and Playing Favorites

“My Stuff” Message Resources

Here is the extra content for this week’s sermon, My Stuff. First, the stuff that didn’t make the “official notes” but I think you might want. It’s not wrong to be among the “Haves.” Having things means having options. Options bring opportunities. If you’re a “have” God believes you have the potential to take advantage … Continue reading “My Stuff” Message Resources