Kids’ Spiritual Development

Helping our kids grow spiritually is such an important responsibility we carry as parents.

From the moment we welcome them into the world we become their protector, nurturer, and leader. We want them to grow to be happy and successful, optimistic with a sense of belonging and peacefulness.

Recently, our world has become isolated and has forced many of us to add educator to that list of responsibilities. This change may have caused some uncertainty and left you feeling unsure about your child’s spiritual growth.

Kristen Green, Children’s Ministry Director

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here you will find various tools and resources to help you assist your child in furthering their relationship with Jesus Christ while building community in your home.

Although the online version may look a little different, fellowship and foundation is still available. We are ready and willing to chat, reassure and connect with you or your child via zoom if necessary.

Here you will find the same content they would learn on a Sunday morning along with resources for the week, all centralized in one easy location. There will be videos and parent guides with activities for you too.

You will also have access to salvation guides, anxiety conversation guides, fun family challenges, family discovery kits and much more! These resources will be updated as we get them, so check back often for new and exciting ways to help you and your child thrive during this time of seclusion. Remember, you’re not alone in this! It may seem difficult at first, but I promise your whole family will benefit from these resources in the end.