Justin and Jessie Prayer Requests

Comment on this page with your prayer requests and updates. I’ll be notified automatically. I may occasionally ask for updates (if you don’t volunteer them) or even share a request of my own with you. Just be sure to click the “Notify me of new comments” box.

3 thoughts on “jwr6325

  1. Please pray for the health of our new baby (due at the end of May); that Veronica and Loyal’s adoptions go through; for my mom’s (Nikki Ronnow) physical/mental/spiritual health; for God to provide me with the strength and wisdom needed for me to be the spiritual leader of our family, and to keep God the at the center of our household/ lives. Thanks Pastor Steve!


  2. No updates on the adoptions (it was a painfully slow process pre-covid, now it’s even worse with how backed up the courts are from all the cancelations); Jess and the baby are doing well; new prayer request: please pray for my my mom’s previous foster daughter (McKenzie) as she is really struggling with life back at her bio family’s house. Thanks!


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