I Really Don’t Want to Talk About This

The video cuts off a little early, but here is the quote I closed with:

If the church does not look, sound, and act like Jesus its Founder, then it is not the church, but rather something else.

~Alan Hirsch

Here are the links I mention in the sermon, as well as a link to a video you may find interesting. I’m not endorsing any of these sites but wanted to make them available.

Two of the cited articles are available as downloads at The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender website. The two articles are numbers 10 and 12, though you may find others interesting and informative.

Keira Bell, My story

Andrea Long Chu, My <Transition> Won’t Make Me Happy (warning, strong language)

Here is an amazing video, which includes the line, “Women are ‘a feeling’ now.” And if you’d prefer the 2 minute version, here are the tweet highlights.