Dave and Lisa Poland Prayer Requests

Comment on this page with your prayer requests and updates. I’ll be notified automatically. I may occasionally ask for updates (if you don’t volunteer them) or even share a request of my own with you. Just be sure to click the “Notify me of new comments” box.

7 thoughts on “BRCjustblk

  1. Please pray for Eric and Tammy Drake. They both have the Chinese virus. Tammy is doing well, but Eric now has bronchitis and is moving toward pneumonia. He is in bad shape. Eric is roughly 53 or 54. We met when I was at WVU and he was at Marshall, both of us ROTC cadets. We were platoon leaders in the same company in Desert Storm. They have 4 kids, I think 2 are still at home.


      1. Tammy is fine. She never got to bad. Their teenage girls are now positive, but only lost taste and smell, and minor headaches. Eric was really bad. He has turned the corner. He’s home with oxygen and some kind of monitor. He’ll be weeks recovering.


  2. The pastor who married Lisa and me 31 years ago, James Lopes, died a grueling death of brain cancer this week. His wife “Kitten” is really a mess. Their only son, also named James, has COVID. He and his wife can’t go near. The funeral is pushed off. Please add them to the list. I’ll update the site tonight.


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