Adam and Nicole McGhee Prayer Requests

Comment on this page with your prayer requests and updates. I’ll be notified automatically. I may occasionally ask for updates (if you don’t volunteer them) or even share a request of my own with you. Just be sure to click the “Notify me of new comments” box.

5 thoughts on “amcgheessc

  1. Please pray for a growing relationship with God from our children. Pray for our family relationship to strengthen through this growth and they have a foundation of faith and faith through discernment.


  2. Still praying for you guys. How’s the coffee shop going? Really sorry we had to shut down, but hopefully we won’t have any more. Any other requests?


  3. Coffee shop is well considering a fluid pandemic environment! Learning, connecting, and having fun.

    Please specifically pray over an opportunity for us to launch a young adult ministry and for missions opportunities (more on that in a direct email).


  4. I’ve already been praying for you about the YA ministry. I have a few contacts for you when you’re ready to talk to some target people. And I’ll join you in praying for a WV opportunity.


  5. Any updates or new prayer requests? And don’t be surprised if the YA ministry develops slowly. I think that’s pretty normal and multiplied in the current reality. Also, name suggestion for the group: Adulting.


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