How Pastors Are Thinking About Reopening

How and when should churches reopen as the Corona restrictions are eased? It’s one of the most challenging decisions church leaders have been confronted with in recent memory. Here are six views from six pastors in six very different contexts.

About two weeks ago, a small-town pastor in Montana noticed that the governor of Idaho had issued guidelines for reopening the state.

Well, that’s right next door, Craig Wilson thought. He pulled together a dozen questions for his elder board: How should we configure the seating in the sanctuary? Should we keep the front doors open, or enlist door openers? How should the use of bathrooms be operated?

Wilson’s questions are being asked by pastors all across the country. But since no two churches are exactly alike, it can be hard to follow someone else’s plan or example.

However, it can be useful to see how other church leaders are thinking through reopening. TGC talked to six pastors—in the city and in the country, in big churches and small, in every region of the country—to see how they’re getting ready to physically regather God’s people.

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