Is it Anti-Jesus to be Anti-Refugee?

To be a Christian means to model you positions on the Christ. This author believes that to stand with Jesus we have to stand for refugees. I’m with him and Jesus on this one.

Why Anti-Refugee Sentiment Within Christian Circles Is Anti-Jesus

When U.S. Christians promote the message that the comfort and traditions of Americans come before the very life of vulnerable human beings because they are strangers, we are in direct opposition to what Jesus taught: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

When a person cites wanting to keep our nation’s Judeo-Christian values intact as an argument for limiting refugee resettlement, let us remember this: Cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity do not erase Christian values; they strengthen them. Religious freedom and the ability to worship as we choose does not endanger our nation; they solidify the principles we were founded on. New languages, perspectives, stories, and experiences do not lessen the American spirit; they invigorate it. Refugees make our nation stronger and kinder; they bring new life, new ambition, and new perspectives, and as followers of Christ, we are called to be the first in line to welcome and love our new neighbors.

Read the whole article here. (Short article, easy to read.)

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