Christianity for People Who Aren’t Christians, a Brief Review

For years I’ve wished there was a book I could give to the “God-curious” people in my life, but there just wasn’t anything. Either the book was written by someone who apparently hadn’t met a non-Christian since the first Bush administration, or the writer assumed that their specific brand of Christianity was the only viable option. Or even worse in our day, the writer had no knowledge of science or culture or philosophy.
James Emery White understands non-believers and our current post-Christian culture. He writes for people who think about important issues, including faith. He honestly faces difficult questions like the problem of evil and the weird stuff in the Bible.

This is the book I can hand to people who may be drawn to faith but are still skeptical. And I don’t have to wince or explain parts of it away. Also, if you’re looking for a great explanation of the faith written at an accessible level that will help you understand the tough stuff for yourself, this is it.

Really glad this book is finally here.

Disclaimer: After purchasing a copy, I received a free copy of this book for agreeing to provide this review. I already gave my copy to a friend I hope will come to faith.

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