Why God Doesn’t Answer Prayer

One of the toughest questions we ask: Why doesn’t God answer certain prayers, sometimes the ones we want most?

The teaching guide is here, and the points that aren’t in the guide are here:

God doesn’t answer wisdom and alignment prayers because we lack the faith to act on what we know is right.
God doesn’t answer prayers for others because they can say no.
God doesn’t answer prayers for favor because it’s not what’s best, it’s not the best timing, or it interferes with his plans.
God doesn’t answer prayers to adjust his plans because some parts of his plan are essential.

Here are a couple of ideas I stressed:

God’s plan often includes our failure.

For God, success is more about his goals—including you learning and growing—than what we consider success.

And here is a quote I accidentally skipped:

God’s answers are wiser than our prayers. — Croft M. Pentz

If you’ve got something you’d like me to pray for this week, put it in the comments, or if it’s private, email me, steve@spoutsprings.org. If you’d like our prayer team to join you in prayer, email prayer@spoutsprings.org.

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