Articles for Christmas 2019

Big changes are coming to StuffSteveSays in 2020. Most notably, our weekly collection of articles will be replaced by a daily post. Each day will feature something I think you’ll find interesting, be it an article, a Tweet chain, something I’m thinking about, a sermon expansion or preview, or, well, whatever. It should be accompanied by an overall redesign of the site.

By combining this with the Daily Jumpstarts, StuffSteveSays might well be worth adding to the tabs that show automaticaly when you first open your browser each day. Not so much info it slows you down, but enough to help you get started.

(Warning: You may get some weird notifications over Christmas week as the changes get implemented and I prepare to align Jumpstarts with the daily readings found in God’s Big Story.)

But, to close out 2019, here are a few articles, including one that you may find a bit disturbing. We’ll start with it, then move to less-intense ones to cleanse your palate. But don’t forget Bailey and maybe share this story with some parents who need to read about her.

A 37-year-old mom posed as an 11-year-old girl on Instagram. After posting her first innocuous selfy, she was contacted by 15 men in two hours. “Half of them could be charged with transfer of obscene content to a minor.”

She maintained the character for a week as part of an ongoing project to catch online predators. You need to read this, even though there are words in it you don’t want to read, especially not in the context of a pre-teen daughter.

Okay, I need to follow that article with something lighter, say Christmas with a side of Geek.

Astrology is on the rise, especially among younger people. Here’s an article about why it shouldn’t be, by someone who was an actual astrologer.

I haven’t posted any articles about booze. Until now. Here’s one on shifts in the way Americans consumed alcohol in 2019.

Let’s close with something truly Christmas-y. What Charlie Brown Taught Me About the Bible.

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