Uncoupling from Culture: Sunday Message Recap

Sunday was a tag-team message with Jessica Kelly as we discussed male and female roles in marriage, comparing cultural expectations, church expectations, and Biblical principles. The teaching guide is available here.

Before the message began, I spent about fifteen minutes explaining the position title we’d agreed on for Jessica moving forward. It is a testimony to the people who make up Spout Springs Church how gracious and understanding everyone was as we work through a difficult and controversial issue.

This is an issue we’ve been processing for at least seven years. Here is a message I did a couple years ago about why we believe it’s a good thing to have a woman teaching regularly in the main service.

We know lots of people disagree with us, and that’s okay. We’re not trying to convince other churches to follow our lead. We’re just trying to follow Jesus and be the church God is calling us to be.

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