Parenting for Success

Here is the teaching guide if you want to take notes.

And yes, this one includes the second time in my life I’ve cussed during a sermon. It’s toward the end. As was the case the first time (about a decade ago), I talked myself into a corner. To say anything less would have drained too much power from the point I was making.

I apologize if it’s overly offensive, but in my defense, once a decade isn’t really a trend.

The whole section on the Prodigal Son happened on the spot. It was not in my notes but once it popped into my head I felt like I needed to let the story play out.

That’s why I refer to sermons as conversations. I try to stay in communication with God’s Spirit and with the listeners at the same time. He’s allowed to move me in unexpected directions and if the listeners respond I know I was probably hearing properly. The ultimate goal is for the two conversations I’m involved in to spark a conversation that I’m not directly involved in–a conversation between the listener and God. That’s when real life-change happens.

Of course, my mild profanity occurred during the Prodigal Son section, so I guess you could say it’s sort of God’s fault (and the listeners’ as well).

“Tell me about this God you don’t believe in because I probably don’t believe in him either.”

I got this George Buttrick quote from Pastor James Emory White. I got the three quick points — Be Informed, Be Involved, Be In Charge — from him as well.

Pastor Jose sent me this video on how to Speak Gen Z. He thought you might enjoy it, and he’s probably right.

Next Sunday, Jess and I will be tag-team teaching on family roles. With all that’s going on in our culture (and the American church culture as well), this could be a lot of fun.

Have a great week!


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