“Jesus isn’t interested in America’s two-party division” and other non-controversial articles for the week.

I know, freaking out and fighting are what we do as Americans. But maybe, instead, why don’t we act like we have brains. Case in point, the links in this paragraph are for two less-than-hysterical views on one company’s decision to re-strategize their corporate giving. By the way, the company in question is Chick-Fil-A.

Enough of the humorous stuff, let’s get to controversy. Here’s an Australian Christian to remind us Jesus isn’t interested in America’s two-party division. FYI, I LOVE THIS ARTICLE. Read it, learn it, send it to your friends who, if they are true Americans, will attack you for daring to send it.

This one is crazy cool, non-controversial, and borderline heart-warming. I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t start a trend. The Woman Who Sniffed Out Parkinson’s.

This one should make up for the previous one. It is crazy long. (You should read it in segments. I haven’t even read half of it yet myself.) The Weirdness Is Coming: A glimpse of the near future as seen through the recent past.

In case you need motivation to check it out, here are a few of the segment headlines:

  • We’ll Have the Opportunity to Design a Post-Car City
  • We Will Import Our Pop Culture From China
  • We Will Never Know If a Movie Is a Hit
  • Party Balloons Will No Longer Float (Seriously)
  • A Unified Theory of Liberal Hypocrisy Will Emerge

That’s it for this week. Keep thinking!

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