Deep Thoughts

Lots of great articles this week, with some Deep Thought involved in almost all of them.

Let’s start with Russ Douthat’s insightful take on what’s behind the decline in church attendance and affiliation. One of my favorite points: “Church attendance has been falling among the middle-aged and early-elderly cohorts, but the typical millennial or Gen Z American is slightly more likely to be a weekly churchgoer than a Generation-Xer circa 1995.”

Okay, let’s do Deep Thoughts on politics. (What could go wrong there?) If you squint past the partisan slant, there is a fascinating point at the heart of this article, one that might call for further thought. The 2020 Election Is About Oligarchy vs Democracy.

How about some Deep Thoughts about movies? You may have seen that filmmaker Martin Scorsese recently lambasted Marvel movies for not being real cinema. Here’s an interesting take on Scorsese that also throws Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston and the Gospel into the mix.

This one may not appear deep at first glance, but if you think about it, how exactly do you make a church for gamers?

Okay, probably not deep at all, but since it’s Halloween, here’s some information on the impact of the holiday on pumpkin farmers–and landfills.

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