“My Stuff” Message Resources

Here is the extra content for this week’s sermon, My Stuff.

First, the stuff that didn’t make the “official notes” but I think you might want.

It’s not wrong to be among the “Haves.” Having things means having options. Options bring opportunities. If you’re a “have” God believes you have the potential to take advantage of the opportunities he provides.

“The condemnation [James gives to rich people] is not for owning wealth per se, but for hoarding rather than using it for kingdom purposes.” (Craig Blomberg)

I’ll also gave some “fun facts” about immigration. Here are the links for those:

In 2011, Georgia cracked down on undocumented workers. It did not go well. If you want details on how it went for Alabama and Arizona, well you can Google it.

The National Milk Producers Federation commissioned a study by Texas A&M on what would happen to the dairy industry if they eliminated immigrant labor. Short answer, lots of bad things including the price of milk doubling and half the dairy farms closing.

And per the IRS, undocumented workers pay over $9 billion in income tax annually.

I also suggested looking for ways to take advantage of the opportunities we have to do good. Here are some options:

The FivenTwoFood Pantry is a great local ministry that serves the hungry in our area.

Kiva gives microloans to help people work their way to a better life.

Both Compassion International and World Vision do great things with needy children around the world.

Hard Places works with at-risk children in Cambodia, a haven for sex tourism and sex trafficking.

St. Jude helps sick kids. What else do you need to know?

And if you want to contribute to our church, hey, I’m okay with that.

And finally, here’s an article to stir things up a little. When you speak up on your social media feeds about helping the Least, make sure you’re driven by real things, not imaginary fears of things like “evil” GMO’s, which are more and more being shown to be helpful, not harmful.

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