Women Preaching, Insane Reasoning, Bags of Cookies, Ancient Roads and Mouse Brains

The most extreme Christians conservatives and the most extreme liberal agnostics and atheists have at least one thing in common: They won’t let solid science interfere with the decisions they have already made. This week, we’ve got a science report I wonder how certain groups from the left side of the spectrum are going to explain away.

“Male and female mouse brains could have significant differences that reach right down to the cellular level, according to a new discovery.”

“Former Texas representative and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said that churches, charities and other religious institutions that oppose same-sex marriage should lose their tax-exempt status. This came with the promise that, if elected president, he will immediately enforce the policy through executive action. “

When James Emery White says sane reasoning is losing the day, he definitely has a point. (And if you’d prefer five articles a day instead of five a week, Dr. White’s daily list of articles is a good place to turn.)

Many good Christians don’t believe women should speak during Sunday morning services. Our church politely disagrees and even has a woman on our three-person teaching team.

Beth Moore is at the center of that swirling controversy. Here’s an article about her and What Happens When We See Women Teach the Bible.

The Bible can feel so distant from us, both in time and in culture, that the people seem like characters in stories rather than flesh-and-blood individuals.

That’s one reason I like articles that put skin on one of those names, like this one about a road built by one of the Bible’s most famous villains.

Finally, I love reading Seth Godin’s blog. It’s always a quick read and almost always interesting and helpful. Even when he writes about the best way to leave cookies in the break room.

And really finally, if you’re finding these weekly articles helpful, challenging, or even infuriating, leave a comment to let me know.

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