YouTube, Bridesmaids, and a Crazy Statement That Many Consider Reasonable

I’m in Denver tonight, so we’ll actually just do three articles for this week. Don’t get used to it.

YouTube Is King Among Teens

YouTube has surpassed Netflix for the first time among US teens. “The average Gen Z consumer watches 68 videos a day, of which about 48 (71%) are short-form.”

That’s Why Kim Wanted So Many Bridesmaids!

“Bigger Weddings, Fewer Partners, Less ‘Sliding’ Linked to Better Marriages.” The University of Virginia published a study that supports an awful lot of what we’ve been saying about marriage for centuries. (You’ll have to read the article to understand how bigger marriages play in.)

Beto O’Rourke and the Death of Sane Reasoning

“Taking a religious, moral stand is now equated with denying someone else their human/civil rights; … (and) the government must stop any and all expression of those moral stands.” A sane take on a candidate’s insane pronouncement.

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