Time for You to Think

Once a week I plan to link three articles in order to encourage people to think about where our culture and the Church (big C Church) is or should be headed. I don’t agree with everything in every article, but I like how each one forces me to think things through.

As the culture changes, it becomes more and more crucial that the church focus on the teachings that are truly crucial. Here’s an example of a good, solid denomination doing just that.

Another Denomination Changes Its End Times Doctrine

I probably shouldn’t link this. As the title might warn you there is lots of profanity in this article on profanity. But if you can stomach the language, the shapshot of our changing culture makes this an interesting read.

The F-bomb is Going the Way of He**

Finally, I’ve said for a long time it’s important for Christians to judge politics based on our faith, speaking truth toward the flaws in both parties. This article shows why.

What Your Politics Do To Your Morals

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